Join us for an epic journey as we navigate course design and delivery in Canvas! Your quest is to master Canvas tools and, in so doing, chart a course toward enhanced student wellbeing. With the Canvas Course Template as your guide, you’ll begin building a course site that utilizes Canvas to its maximum potential, both easing your teaching burdens and better supporting student learning. This workshop takes place virtually July 22nd & 25th from noon to 4 p.m.

The Canvas Course Template is a revolutionary Georgia Tech resource developed through the collaborative efforts of CTL, OIT, GTPE, and C21U. It's a Georgia Tech branded module structure that can be used to easily create or update a student (and faculty!) friendly course.

In this two-day gamified virtual workshop, participants will: 

  • Create a templated Canvas course 
  • Begin migrating content into the template 
  • Discuss strategies for enhancing clarity and communication in Canvas 
  • Identify asynchronous community building techniques 
  • Set up Canvas gradebook and assessments 
  • Explore engagement tools 
  • Develop accessible materials

"Thank you for helping me improve the layout of my courses. Having someone build the template for me was really helpful as this would have been a 'barrier to entry' if I were to attempt it myself." - A Georgia Tech Canvas Course Template User

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