Jurors Helen Hiebert and Eileen Wallace invited twenty-nine paper artists to demonstrate their insights as artists in the chaos of today's life and how they transform chaos into a vision of what is possible. Through the medium of paper with its boundless style, sustainability, and conceptual framework, the featured artists share their responses to chaos and demonstrate how the arts and sustainability can elevate inspiration and leave a lasting impression on communities.

Today we are witnessing sudden, surprising , and sometimes unexpected changes in our time and lifestyle. Anarchy, war, and disease have become our nation's daily concerns and only news. Even if we do not face these situations directly, in our social and economic lives, wherever we are, we witness the prevalence of chaos in various forms. Artists have shown their purpose, intention, and animating spirit in chaotic human situations in different ways, such as through visualizations, music, poetry, photography, etc.. They depict it in dream-like abstractions, express it in realistic depictions of life, inform the mind, or convey their empathy through art.

Through the historical endurance of paper and its various papermaking artforms, the twenty-nine featured artists issue an invitation to a quiet and peaceful moment that evokes a pleasurable experience that offers a little freedom from chaos.


Amanda Thackray, Ana Fernandez, Anne Marble, Chelsea Herman, Colleen Couch, Daniel Heyman, e. ainsley, Phan Hai Bang, Hazel Glass, Heather Kohlmeier, Isabella Whitfield, Jill Powers, John Vinklarek, Joyce Gold, Karen Baldner, Kerri Cushman, Kristen Tordella-Williams, Lori Spencer, Marjorie Fedyszyn, Melissa Harshman, Milcah Bassel, Muriel Condon, Neil Daigle Orians, Noah Lagle, Roberta Lavadour, Samuel Aguirre, Scott Murphy, Sophie Loubere, Tami Komai