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Thursday, October 28 2021
1:00pm - 2:00pm
Marcus Nanotechnology Building – Room 1116
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Neoma: The Next Generation MC-ICP-MS with Full MS/MS Capabilities
Darren Tollstrup, Ph.D.

Multi-collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometers (MC-ICP-MS) have revolutionized the world of isotope geochemistry for the past 20 years.  Similarly, the field of ICP-MS/MS has evolved dramatically in recent years with the development of many applications relevant to the geoscience community, yet many of these applications are significantly limited by the lower precision and sensitivity available from even the most advanced triple-quadrupole (QQQ) technologies. 

The Neoma is the next generation MC-ICP-MS from Thermo Fisher Scientific.  In this presentation we will explore some of the performance advantages that sets the Neoma apart from previous generation instruments.  Additionally, the Neoma can be upgraded with full MS/MS capabilities, utilizing an entirely new technology that is completely free from the significant performance disadvantages of previous Q-ICP-based technologies.  Accurate high-precision isotope ratio measurements are possible for the first time with an ICP-MS/MS system, and the Neoma achieves this without sacrificing sensitivity, stability, or exponential mass fractionation. 

Bio: Darren Tollstrup is the Americas sales lead for the IOMS product portfolio.  Darren received his Ph.D. in geology and isotope geochemistry from the University of California Santa Cruz and has twenty years of MC-ICP-MS, HR-ICP-MS, and TIMS experience.  Before joining Thermo in 2011, he worked as a post-doctoral researcher in cosmochemistry at the University of California Davis, and later as a staff scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories.