Our hackathon will bring people together who want to learn about and create (digital) products related to the environment in Atlanta. These products could be graphics, interactive visualizations, maps, software, apps, statistical analysis, articles, solutions to a problem, new data sets, social media posts, etc. We will be using public data about Atlanta to explore the intersection between natural spaces and humans. We will have some demos and talks that will be listed on the hackathon website. Participants can watch these demos/talks without any background knowledge. Newcomers welcome!

All are welcome. No GT affiliation needed. We encourage members of the community with knowledge about Atlanta’s natural resources to join. We call for artists of any kind, graphic designers, community members and organizers, data crunchers, web people (UI or design), GIS analysts, proofreaders + writers, people who love the environment + nature, people who want to hang out and meet other people. You do not need any technical skills.

We invite community members and organizers to help describe environmental problems in Atlanta and tell us more about what YOU need and would like in terms of maps and data (“I want a map of… or I’d like to know how many acres…”). Our goal is to help you tell your story and to learn more about environmental problems.